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Dumbbell Solid Glass Cufflinks:

  • 100% solid glass cufflinks for men and women have a reputation for durability and quality
  • you can return your existing cufflink and we will replace your lost one with a near match
  • there is a TUFFglass Life-Time Guarantee
  • stocked by Jermyn Street and Savile Row tailors
  • handmade by talented top British designer, Martyn Ellis

The TUFFglass Life-Time Guarantee means you can use these cufflinks with confidence they will NOT break even if they fall on to concreate!

A FAQ is: Why are they Guaranteed?

Simple, because :

1. They are built from one piece of glass (not moulded together) 

2. Therefore, there are no seams. No seams means no weak points 

3. Because there are no seams or weak points they simply “vibrate” on impact with hard surfaces and remain intact!

Because they are not made of indestructible materials, should your cufflinks become compromised in any way, they will be replaced immediately, free of all charges.