Sourcing Beautifully, Selling Personally 

We love all things Stylish!  Sourcing original, beautiful jewellery, bags and accessories from independent designers all over the world is our passion.  We invest in building relationships with emerging and established designers to make sure every product we select is worthy of being treasured.

A MAVEN is a ‘trusted expert who shares their knowledge’ rather like a curator or a connoisseur - and that’s what we are for all of our customers. 

Passionate About Discovery 

We look for that design "je ne sais quoi", but also for a product which has a distinct appeal and you do not see everywhere.  We are interested in all types of materials and styles, and our carefully curated products vary in price.  We are simply passionate about discovery. Whether it is jewellery, bags or accessories, what all our products have in common, is gorgeous design.

Made For Good

What’s more, we are devotees of the ‘Made For Good’ movement. We support social enterprises by buying their beautifully designed products and are supporting designers who use resources in innovative ways.

We sell both direct to customers through this retail website but also to stylists, stall-holders and direct sales agents who buy our unique ranges to sell onto their customers. If interested in wholesale, please send an email to