Here is an original gift idea - a beaded doll from the MONKEYBIZ charity in South Africa. 

Size 1 = approx 15cm

Size 2 = approx 31cm

Size 3 = approx 44cm

Monkeybiz is dedicated to reviving the tradition of African Beadwork, taking the love and knowledge that is passed down, over the centuries, from mother to child and becoming a bridge from traditional bead works into contemporary artworks.

I love the detail of the bigger dolls which have a baby strapped to their chest.

Through its endeavours, Monkeybiz has lifted over 450 women and their families out of poverty. Each Monkeybiz artwork is unique and is signed by the artist so they gain recognition for their work. All of the profits from the sales of artworks are reinvested back into community services, including weekly soup kitchens, yoga, drama, as well as a burial fund for artists and their families.

As they are artworks, rather than toys, they are not suitable for young children to play with.