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I Love Being A Maven

I love being a MAVEN. 

I didn't know the meaning of the word until my designer friend, (Bill Wallsgrove who designed the logo), described me as a MAVEN.  "What's that?", I asked.  "It's someone who's an expert and shares their knowledge.  That's what you are doing.  Discovering and sourcing original products from different designers and places and then sharing your knowledge.  The business brand was born.

Discovering new, original products gives me a real buzz.  Especially when they are handmade and use unusual materials.  People's creativity never ceases to amaze me. When I travel, I love nothing better than exploring a  local craft fair, or market, or going off the beaten track and coming upon someone selling something extraordinary.  

I get a buzz from the sharing part too.  MAVEN & I sells online but also at lots of events all over the place.  I love telling customers who come to my stand all about the back-story.  This could be how it is made; the materials used or something about the designers themselves. Often, while people are choosing we have real in-depth chats. I love this very social way of selling.  After an event, people get in touch when they want a gift as they remember the stories and my passion for the products I sell. 

I know that I am lucky to have found something that I truly enjoy doing.  I am sure that there are other people out there,who love design, people and selling, who would make a brilliant MAVEN.  Get in touch if you do on 0800 112 3022 or


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