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How Many Ways To Dress An Ear

It used to be simple to wear earrings.  Your choice was between studs, drops, hoops, and if you were feeling very ostentatious, chandeliers.  Just take a look at all the terms.  

Add into the mix ear crawlers which go through your left piercing and sit up your lobe, ear cuffs which sit in the middle of your ear and ear jackets which clip over the outside, then you have an abundance of choice.

There's no right or wrong.  Just choose your mix, depending on whether you want to pierce your ear or not.  Having just pieced my "helix" (as part of my mid-life crisis) and experienced how much more painful a cartilage piercing is to a lobe piercing, I personally am totally in love with ear cuffs.  Edgy but with no pain which in my book counts for a lot.

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